Retreading of Tires

Tire retreading is an affordable and environmentally friendly option

It isn’t always necessary to buy new tires for a truck. It is often worth restoring them – let a professional tire company retread them. Retreaded tires cost about half as much as new tires but are not far behind in terms of durability. 

Tires are retreaded in a special tire retreading workshop. During retreading, a completely new tread is applied to previously roughened spent casings. Newly treaded tires are cured in special tire ovens. Retreaded tires are marked accordingly. Rehvimeister is the leader in this field – our modern retreading workshop is the largest in Estonia.

We deliver retreaded tires all over Estonia, we also offer delivery to Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. 

Take a look at how we retread tires

Rehvimeistril has Estonia’s top state-of-the-art tire retreading workshop. See for yourself!